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archway n : a passageway under an arch [syn: arch]

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arch + way


  1. A passageway covered by an arch, particularly one made of masonry.
  2. A doorway with a semilunar-shaped top.

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French door, apse, arcade, arcature, arch, arched roof, back door, barway, bulkhead, camber, carriage entrance, ceilinged roof, cellar door, cellarway, concameration, concha, cove, cupola, dome, door, doorjamb, doorpost, doorway, front door, gate, gatepost, gateway, geodesic dome, hatch, hatchway, igloo, keystone, lintel, ogive, porch, portal, porte cochere, postern, propylaeum, pylon, scuttle, side door, skewback, span, stile, storm door, threshold, tollgate, trap, trap door, turnpike, turnstile, vault, vaulting, voussoir
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